All software offered by VLD Interactive is available for evaluation, as a hosted demo, prior to purchasing. We do not offer trials and thus we strongly encourage you to thoroughly test the system you are interested in before purchasing to determine its suitability for your purposes and compatibility with your hosting account.

Refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis. It is important that you notify us as soon as possible after purchase. Any request for a refund should state the reason and date of purchase. We will consider all factors when determining whether to give a refund, including how much technical support and any extra services time was used by the client and the time since purchasing.

Custom work and technical support will be treated differently. Our time cannot be recovered once spent on a modification or support and this will be taken into account when considering any refunds. Similarly with hosting in case you decide to host your site with us. We incur time and cost at the point of service which we cannot recover if a refund is claimed.

If you are in any doubt whether the software is suitable for your purposes, or whether you actually require or will use the software, please feel free to contact us with any questions, queries or requests. We will gladly answer all of them and assist you.

Below are a few examples of refund requests we've received and our comments explaining why we could not accept them:

Request: The software does not offer X or Y feature that can be found in your competitors' products. I want you to add these features or give me a refund.
Why we can't accept it: All available features are listed on our site. Our software is also available as an online demo which you can freely browse through. Unwillingness to do a comprehensive research about the software does not qualify you for a refund. We will also not add features right away, however do have an appropriate section in the forum for feature requests which constantly review.

Request: I cannot customize the software because the files are encrypted. I want my money back.
Why we can't accept it: You have complete access to the source code of our software with an exception of 5 non-essential files that are encoded for security purposes and to prevent piracy. They will in no way affect your ability to customize the software and template files. Using "encrypted files" as an excuse usually means the lack of necessary skills to perform customizations. Not having sufficient skills or knowledge cannot be used as a valid reason for a refund.

Request: You don't tell me how to change the colors of X, or the image on page Y. I want you to do it for me or give me a refund.
Why we can't accept it: If you would like to customize the templates or the software itself, you're expected to be familiar with html and/or php (depending on customizations you'd like to perform). This applies to pretty much any web based software, not just ours. If you're not familiar with those, you must hire a developer or designer as we will not guide you step by step and tell you what file to click on and what code to edit.

Request: You don't answer my questions fast enough, you don't offer phone support, your support is horrible, I want a refund.
Why we can't accept it: All support is provided via our online help desk. All help desk tickets are subject to 24 hour response time, however in reality our average response time during business hours is under one hour. If you think our support is horrible, it's likely that you're lacking some essential skills required to run a website or you're asking questions that are not covered by our technical department (see customizations above) which is why we can't answer them or guide you step by step through the process.

Request: Your software does not work and is full of bugs, I want my money back.
Why we can't accept it: You have likely mis-configured the system and messed up the settings without paying attention which caused certain features to stop working. Or your server's configuration prevents something from working correctly, keep in mind that the software cannot override your server's settings.

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